Company “Infoplus” is a Ukrainian developer of the electronic docflow management system ASKOD based on Oracle. The ASKOD family includes 10 products covering all aspects of office work in state organizations.

Advantages of ASKOD system:

  • increased reliability of objects of document circulation due to the system of complex information protection
  • provision of legal significance to objects of document circulation due to the use of EDS
  • automatic identification of users
  • online mobile access
  • plug-in for MS Office
  • implementation of green office policy
  • ASKOD Corporate

    The first of the main products of the ASKOD family. Classical type of access to the functionality of the ASKOD platform (Desktop-version). The functions of the electronic docflow management system and the electronic record management system (in particular, electronic document control) are implemented, while ensuring the creation of a single information and communication space and a common structured document repository.


    Provides a cloud type of access to the functionality of the ASKOD platform (Web-client). Supports the most popular Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE / Edge, Opera, Safari). ASKOD WEB implements a set of functions similar to the functional ASKOD Corporate.

  • ASKOD Mobile

    Can be deployed on tablets and PCs running on Android, Windows, iOS.

    Functionality allows:

    • select from the general list of documents in accordance with their status and requisites
    • read the text of the electronic copy and the contents of the registration card of the selected document
    • review and analyze the document
    • form resolutions and tasks based on the document
    • sign with an electronic digital signature
    • agree and endorse the document
  • ASKOD Portal

    Designed to develop Internet resources: internal and external, local and corporate websites and web portals. In this case, non-core specialists can quickly implement the main elements of the site / portal: structure, functional, graphical interface, administrative part. It can work in conjunction with the electronic document management system, which is especially convenient when the site / portal is viewed not simply as a form of advertising or presence on the Internet, but as an element of the electronic office.

  • ASKOD Electronic queue

    Allows you to quickly manage the flow of visitors, optimize, monitor and analyze the progress of the queue, as well as the work of staff. It is integrated with subsystems of ASKOD Administrative Services, ASKOD Portal and Preliminary Recording (the latter implements the mechanism of preliminary recording of the visitor to the electronic queue via the portal in online mode).

  • ASKOD Registry

    It is designed to maintain (create, fill and support) information resources in the form of register structures implemented as a database (DB) or a database table that allows you to accumulate, account, organize, analyze and store digital records in various formats.

    Based on the subsystem of the ASKOD Registry it is possible to form lists of arrays different by:

    • form (registers, cadastres)
    • type of accounting object
    • type of entity

    For example, registers of licenses, licensees and licensors, securities issues and stock market participants; cadastres of land users; registers of residents for administrative registration of the population.

  • ASKOD Session
    Designed to organize and conduct various in form and administrative level collegial events (sessions and meetings of councils, executive committees, commissions) with the possibility to divide users on the operator, the coordinator and the participant of the collegial event.
  • ASKOD Archive

    It is designed to automate the stages of operational and archive storage of documents, the distribution of the visibility status of documents for operational and archival storage, and for the physical separation of such documents in the database of the corporate information system.

    Product architecture includes:

    • module “Operative storage” (processes documents with a shelf life not exceeding 10 years)
    • module “Archive” (processes documents with a storage period of more than 10 years and a term “permanently / forever”)
  • ASKOD Constructor

    A tool for upgrading and developing the basic functionality of the ASKOD product family, which allows an administrator or specialist trained to adapt existing products to the specifics of the domain or supplement the product family with new functional modules and subsystems.

  • ASKOD Administration

    Allows the system administrator:

    • manage user accounts and their role groups
    • set up visibility zones and access rights for users and their groups
    • configure algorithms for generating registration numbers and other rules of basic and applied logic
    • control user access to the system functionality in accordance with the configured rights
    • control and monitor user actions
    • notify users about the occurrence of emergency situations in the system
    • block access to the system for a period of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair work