One of the Kyiv lyceums faced the problem of protecting its computer network. The standard antivirus could not cope with the tasks. Therefore, there was a question about updating the software.

The main requirements for the new antivirus were:

  • efficiency
  • easy to manage and use
  • price-quality ratio

BullGuard met these requirements. It uses multiple high refresh rate scan engines and includes real-time scans and on-demand scans. BullGuard monitors online activity and notifies users of potential security risks when visiting sites created by cybercriminals.

Independent tests have determined that BullGuard Internet Security has the best virus detection rates. The product has a multi-layer protection system, provides impenetrable security.

«BullGuard is very easy to set up and operate. It covered our current needs and provided reliable protection for the system».

comments lyceum director Myshkina Tetyana Mykolayivna

BullGuard is a European cybersecurity solutions company with 19 years of experience, focused on giving consumers and small businesses the confidence of absolute security.

Lyceum №1 is a modern educational institution on the territory of the Kyiv region. The lyceum is equipped with classrooms with modern interactive complexes, laptops and the Internet, allowing to improve the project activities of lyceum students.