Contextor is a European leader in the development and integration of software robots, more commonly known as Robotic Process Automatization (RPA) technology.

Сompany has been on the market since 2000, headquartered in France. In more than 50 countries, customers already use Contextor, which certainly speaks about the quality of the software offered. In October 2006, Contextor was the first to offer a instrument that could provide a customizable workstation without changing existing applications. From 2006 to 2009 company demonstrated continuous growth and got many excellent recommendations.

Contextor provides both interactive (Attended) and autonomous (Unattended) robots. An interactive assistant (Robotic Desktop Automation) on a working machine (Windows) allows you to analyze, optimize, automate and monitor business processes in real time. The autonomous bot can be placed on Windows Server and the user can be “replaced”, virtually simulating all tasks to complete the business process cycle. Management of Contextor robots is made in the Contextor Galaxy.

Contextor Galaxy

RPA server component is both a process monitoring module, and an administration solution that handles the authorization of Contextor Interactive Assistants and the delivery of robot scripts to each workstation or virtual session.

Advantages of using Contextor Galaxy:

  • Contextor Interactive Assistant – assistant in large-scale deployments of robots
  • Storage and delivery of scenarios for business improvement
  • Managing the test or operating environment
  • Specific configurations by users, groups, location, hierarchy

Contextor Galaxy includes several modules:

  • “Publishing” – centralized management of the workstation
  • “Monitoring” – control of user activity and application behavior
  • “Machine 2 Machine Hub” – the protocol of communication between the desktops
  • “Scheduler” – maintenance / recurrent task manager, user interface

Used for secured and easy deployment / maintenance of Contextor Interactive on workstations :

-Delivery & publication of Contextor scenarios

-Comprehensive and real-time inventory of workstations

-Easy identification of deployment and production issues

Defines the different environments required for the validation and implementation of the projects at each phase (development, tests, pilot and production):

-Smooth and easy integration of new scenarios, new functionalities

-Easy correction of scenarios in case of application changes impacting the scripts

Centralized publishing of business information:

-Technical: URL applications, options

-Business:  operational recommendations, up & cross selling offer, flash sales opportunities

-User profiles: specific rights and options

-Any type of information, messages, alerts

Collects indicators and statistics in real-time:
– Activities and processes: counters, routing, alerts, steps
– Infrastructure: users, machines, response time, software inventory

– Existing script is instrumented using Contextor Studio
– Notifications are send through Web Services to Galaxy
– User groups can be defined to enable selective activation
– Active/passive probes: notifications can be linked with user activities, or automated (‘robot script’)

Analysis of collected data:
– Statistical distributions, tables of incidents
– Provides a graphical interface for administration and reporting
– Allows the exploitation by a third-party application, or SQL / Excel exports

Remote management of Interactive via communication Hub:
– Communication hub between Interactive workstations or servers
– Implements an interface to remotely start treatments run by Interactive
– Aggregate applications through UI and APIs

– Server-based business workflow management
– Automate supervision, active/passive probes
– Web application hosting for mobile portals, B2B applications on smart devices