Datalab Tehnologije has been developing business software for small, medium and large enterprises for the last 20 years. The company philosophy – turn data into profit!

Datalab portfolio and number of customers grow exponentially. More than 50,000 users and 18,000 companies have already purchased PANTHEON.


Advanced information system for business management and development

PANTHEON is a system with various functional capabilities. A huge plus is the Ukrainian interface and regular updates to comply with the requirements of the law.

Functions for companies of any size and specialization

– nomenclature

– counterparties (grouping of price-lists by partners, suppliers and customers)

– banks

– organizational units (warehouses, departments, etc.)

– plan of invoices

– any number of order types

– availability in stock

– printing in different languages

– reserve of ordered goods in accordance with orders

– creation of payment orders

– electronic document management

– scheduling orders to suppliers

– order reports

– calculation of vacation and illness payments, etc.

– safety technique in the workplace

– staff recruitment (vacancy management, CV of candidates, interview calendar)

– management of business trips (automatic calculation of per diem, distribution and cost analysis, management of fuel prices)

– salary (different calculation types, reports, standart forms)

– recording with a barcode reader

– serial number accounting

– formation of expenses

– specifications and calculations (VAT)

– moving between warehouses

– inventory management

– reports

– customer and suppliers complaints

– order for services

– complaints reports

– registration of goods by serial number

– warranty management

– review of accounts payable and reports

– resources

– determination of expenses

– combination of human and machine labor

– material requirements and capacity planning

– production calendar

– standard definition and performance analysis

– reports and analytics

– analysis of workload

– automatic accounting of issued and received invoices, VAT, salaries, business trips payments, etc.

– integration with Internet banking, PayPal, etc.

– creation and automatic accounting of accruals and deferments, posting log

– full reporting (general financial and mandatory reports, balance sheet, income statement)

– reporting to the regulatory authorities by electronic means

– transactions, settlements with domestic counterparties and non-residents

– accrual of percents, calculation of customs duties

– reminder of missed payments

– cash register (automatic accounting, consolidated reports, loans and leasing)

– accounting reports

– simple information panel and creation of custom reports

– powerful tool for OLAP analysis

– summary table, graphical interface

– sales, purchases, salary and financial planning

– planning by special indicators (countries, subjects, objects, departments and etc.)

– automatic plan generator based on previous figures

– plan-fact comparison with one click

Meets business requirements

Includes all business processes

There are several versions of PANTHEON to choose from. With the growth of the company and the need to expand the functions of the accounting system, you can switch to a more advanced version.

Migration does not require reinstalling the program or data moving. You just need to pay the difference between the cost of the versions.







Primary documents
Cash account
Arrival of goods
Movement of goods between warehouses
Business trips accounting
Staff account card
Accounting and finance
Fixed assets
Safety technique
Analytical reports
Automatic reports
Business planinng
Production planning
Calendar of works

Ready industry solutions



For regular and complex cash operations.

Comfortable and modern.


Small Business

For sole proprietors and start-up companies.

Simple start.



For accountants and accounting firms. Accurate, understandable and reliable. Always complies with legislation and accounting standards.



For fast-growing companies. Flexible and practical.
A wide range of functions allows you to optimize the work of all units.


Public Service

For state-owned companies. Stable and compliant with legislation. Improve the quality of work without additional costs.



To fully control the production process; contains a full set of standard functions and additional features.



For full and modern accounting and management of the agricultural enterprise.


Specific Solutions

Individual development of solutions for business.