Electronic document management system for exchange of documents with external counterparties using EDS.

Signing of legal documents. Automatic verification of compliance with EDRPOU code and EDS. Support for keys of all ACSK Ukraine.

24/7 access via web browser. The data is stored in the cloud or on the client’s server.

DEALS Advantages


labor and time costs of maintaining external workflow


the need to send the original documents and wait for their return


the process of agreeing and signing documents


the cost of purchasing office and printing documents

The protection of personal data in DEALS is based on GDPR principles, that is:

  • pseudonymization
  • setting up document access and auditing
  • encryption during data transmission and storage
  • deletion of personal data received from customers during the testing / technical support process

Basic functionality

Online chat with a counterparty

Easy connection of new contractors

Archiving of documents

Simultaneous signature of several documents

Systematization of legally bound documents in one folder (agreement)

Convenient search for agreements, counterparties and specific documents

Integration with existing accounting and electronic document management systems

Sharing files of any format (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .txt, .jpg, .dbf etc)

Large list of available documents

The DEALS system is licensed by the number of signatures per year. You can order a DEALS trial and get 50 signatures valid for 12 month. At the end of this period, the system will propose to select the appropriate tariff in the User’s Cabinet.