I.R.I.S. is one of the leaders on the international market of software for optical character recognition (OCR) and mobile scanning. Headquartered in Belgium, the company has its offices represented in seven countries around the world. I.R.I.S. was founded in 1987 and joined the Canon Group in 2003.

I.R.I.S. solutions are developed for individuals, small, medium and large enterprises, public sector and international institutions. Their main task is to help in better information management and to transform it into digital data, easy to archive, easy to share and easy to convert into valuable and actionable content.

I.R.I.S. is divided into two divisions: IRIS Products & Technologies (directly engaged in software development) and IRIS Professional Solutions (focused on providing services aimed at improved information processing).

Readiris 17

An OCR solution that converts an image, a PDF file, or a scanned document into a format that is suitable for later editing. Available in 3 versions: Readiris PDF, Readiris Pro and Readiris Corporate.Each version has an enhanced functionality compared to the previous one.

Readiris 17 is compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS.

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What's new in Readiris 17?

Readiris 17 is a high performance solution: it quickly and accurately recognizes and converts texts in many languages and in paper documents formats.

  • New mechanism of recognition
  • New User Interface
  • Opening documents is 20% faster
  • Faster document management

Readiris 17 is so clever that it can integrate verbal recognition and convert all your files into audio files.

  • Embed verbal annotations into PDF files
  • Attach files of different formats to the PDF file
  • Add interactive hyperlinks to PDF files

Readiris 17 is practical: you can create, modify, sign and comment PDF files.

  • Adding a watermark to all pages
  • Add comments and remarks
  • Editing character styles (underline, highlight, underscore, color, etc.)
  • A single view of all annotations

Readiris 17 is the very PDF solution you were looking for. And even better.

Readiris 17 PDF

Readiris Pro 17

Readiris Corporate 17

Creating and editing PDF files

Add comments and annotations to PDF files

Voice annotations of PDF

Seperation and combination of PDF files

Compress of PDF files


Level 1

Level 2&3

Number of recognized languages




Acceleration of document processing by 20%

Importing files from your computer

Scan from computer


Convert and export to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)


Recognizing Excel and Calc tables


Protection and signature of PDF files



Processing documents in batches



Managing tracked folders



IRISmart File

An intelligent solution for documents management (both electronic and paper ones). Designed for freelancers, small and medium businesses.

Key features

  • Semi-automatic naming and classification (locally or in the cloud)
  • Automatic creation of tree structures (based on the root name)
  • Automatically split different documents during scanning
  • High processing speed (up to 30 sheets per minute)
  • Advanced image processing
  • Parallel processing of several batches of documents
  • Export to the cloud (SharePoint, BOX, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive)
  • Creating compressed and indexed PDF files
  • Compatibility with most scanners
  • A wide range of import document formats