RPA (Robotic Process Automatization) is a new form of workflow automation, based on the functionality of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI).

Despite the seeming piling up of words, in practice everything is simpler. Especially if you take the abbreviation into parts.

Software robots — is a software application that repeats the actions of a person interacting with the user interface of a computer system. Most often it’s a script written in Java or different versions of Java Script (React, Node). Robot can be Attended or Unattended.

Attended robot gets data for work from person (operator).

Unattended robot executes background system processes without the involvement of an operator (for example, changing data into a standard format for the organization).

Process — any standard, repeatable process, which usually requires a lot of time. A good example is the collection of data from many sources, even if you consider that they are all open and do not require time to run.

Automation. Let’s continue the previous example. After collection of information follows its transformation. So, the robot can process different sources, select the data for the given ID and output them in the given form.

Dozens or even hundreds of processes can and should be automated. But how to create such a robot? Contextor will help.

Contextor — a set of intuitive solutions from the French company to create robots. The program operates at the operating system level, so there is no need for connectors (code or module for connecting the robot with certain programs and systems). For complex robots and their deployment you will need knowledge of Java Script, with which CoreWin experts will help.

And the last question: will robot take jobs in the organization? No. Instead, it will speed up the routine work and give you the opportunity to focus on more important tasks for which previously you have not got enough time. Increase the effectiveness and speed of staff reaction, and therefore – the company’s overall performance.

Author: Artem Bovtiukh