Company Tableau has already released a new upgrade.

Among all the improvements in the first place, it is worth paying attention to 4 new features.

New data processing technology - Hyper

Hyper was designed for fast processing of data and analytical requests for large or complex sets of data. To access the new function, you simply need to update the version of the Tableau program. Moreover, data migration will not be required.

Visualization in pop-up windows

Interact with your data on a much deeper level and maximize the useful area on the toolbar by visualization in pop-up windows. Put your mouse over the label to display details on demand, without going to additional windows.

A tremendous saving of the workspace and time, thanks to the ability to make edits immediately into the tooltip.

Tableau Server is available for the Linux operating system

All functionality and benefits of Tableau Server are now available for Linux. Integrate and optimize your current and working processes to make the most of your internal infrastructure.

Improved compatibility of different workbooks versions

Now you can convert workbooks to an older version with improved compatibility. Other users can open and edit a workbook, even if they do not use the latest version of Tableau Desktop (up to Tableau 10.2).

Download Tableau right now
to test new features, including the incredibly fast new Hyper data processing technology.