Tableau: development, training

As an official partner, we offer the services of our team for dashboard design, customization and trainings to Tableau – data visualization platform.

Our BI developer will help with data preparation for analytics and provide personal or corporate lessons for Tableau.

We offer

Tableau development

Need more hands to build reports? Our specialists will be able to become assistants to accelerate work and improve efficiency.

Reports improvement

Assessment of report design and recommendations for improvement. Report design is not just about beauty, it is about improving data comprehension.

Integration with R

Tableau integrates easily with the statistical programming language R. Our team will help you integrate and build statistical models.


Having questions about working with Tableau? Let’s deal with sources, databases, connections, permissions and analytics errors.

Embedded Analytics

Tableau Embedded Analytics integrates powerful BI capabilities directly into a third-party program or web portal. We will integrate and configure the analytical solution to the desired platform using the API.

Business data analytics

Need one-time corporate data analytics? Slice, report, visualize or forecast metrics. Our analysts are at your service.

Best visualization practices

A workshop on the most successful types and examples of data analytics at Tableau will help to increase the transparency of the results obtained and accelerate their results.

Tableau Training Workshop

Collaborative prototyping and data exploration will allow you to ask questions directly in workflow. Purpose: to give an understanding of how Tableau works and the knowledge to work independently.

Corporate training

Just starting to implement Tableau in the company? We will teach the analytical department to work with Tableau and properly prepare the data for a fast start.

Introductory lecture

What is BI, what are the visualizations types exists, Tableau product architecture, basic source rules, and more.

Deep dive

Advanced training for analysts who already have a basic background in BI systems. Improving skills and extending analytics prototypes variations.

Developing an individual lesson

Preparation of a training course on an individual order. Get specific knowledge that is relevant to working with your data and sources.

Study materials

In addition to the web site, we also run a channel on Youtube.Among the videos on Youtube are Tableau reviews, speed tests, training videos on how to work with the platform’s interface and functionality.

Plus, there is a Telegram-channel with interesting materials on business analytics (including the Tableau platform info) and working with BigData.


Analyzing data has become even easier