A product for Tableau-powered companies that provides actionable usage and health insights to optimize and predict performance and save on infrastructure and license costs.

With TabTerrier you can build your web-based Tableau performance analytics from Tableau logs fast and easy for free while in beta.

How It Works

Data Is Secured

The application only needs your Tableau logs which are stored in securely isolated AWS account.

It’s Free

The application is free while in beta.

Easy To Setup

Just drop logs to secure AWS folder and wait for your dashboard to be built.

Get Actionable Insights

The application provides meaningful insights that pinpoint performance issues, usage spikes and show the correlation between issues and other factors.

Focus On KPIs

We use Apdex as an essential metric, which is an industry standard to measure user’s satisfaction with the response time of web application and services.
Learn more about Apdex

Trend Analysis

Focus on primary metrics and drill down to a level of specific view we reinforce insights with the trend analysis to give you an idea of what might happen in the future.

Hunting For Better Tableau Performance