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Why TeamViewer IoT?


Install TeamViewer. Safely register devices on the network. Switch to remote control and monitoring. Now the devices are ready for work, and for the Internet of things (Internet of Things).


Devices, machines and robots connected with TeamViewer IoT are automatically encrypted and protected by sharing public / private keys of RSA.


Own TeamViewer network – IoT Global Access Network – allows IoT-devices to quickly collect data, and operators – remotely manage data in live-mode, without experiencing difficulties in scaling.

The future has come

Sensor management

Create custom rules, visualize the collected data and monitor all devices by using one console.

Setting up automatic reactions

Automate the IoT environment, configure alerts and triggers, and prevent system errors (coming soon)


Make informed decisions and share important information without worrying about its security. TeamViewer always guard over privacy.

Intuitive dashboard

TeamViewer has developed an agent that can be deployed on any device that supports ARM ™ processors. Connect directly to the web server and get critical data in real time.

Manage in a few clicks

Connect to the device or sensor without using complex VPNs or firewalls. Just click “connect do device” to get started.

Development of individual connectors

The IoT agent from TeamViewer includes the SDK package and the API, so you can write your own connector.

Together with HARMAN TeamViewer presents an integrated solution for intelligent building management, which allows:

– remotely monitor all assets that have IP addresses
– collect data in real time
– receive alerts about possible malfunctions
– carry out preventive maintenance and remote repair
– optimize operating costs

Together with KUNBUS TeamViewer presents an integrated solution for intelligent factory management, which allows to:

– adjust the speed of the production line
– ensure quality compliance
– reduce depreciation of equipment
– improve the return on assets (ROA)
– adapt the production to a change in load
– hold preventive maintenance


From soil to harvest: monitor the situation on the farm and make informed decisions.

Control and automation

From grain harvesters to pesticide sprayers: manage equipment remotely, speeding up production and saving time.


Adjust the equipment in accordance with the current conditions: the state of the crop, the weather forecast, the degree of pest infestation, soil nutrition, geographical location.


Repair the defective parts before they harm the crop, the animal or the final product. Thanks to remote support, you can solve problems without waiting for them to become critical.

Monitoring of sensor devices

Monitor the work of POS-terminals, kiosks and digital displays from anywhere in the world, get notifications about malfunctions and immediately connect technical support if necessary.

Business Performance Monitoring

Collect Big Data in real time. Monitor POS-terminals, the success of a particular product or the store as a whole, receive alerts when deviations from the norm become critical.

Managing digital content

Remotely control monitors, screens and billboards. Adapt content to a changing audience and increase efficiency.

Optimization of advertising campaigns

Improve interaction with customers, personalizing and localizing the displayed content. Visual data will help you identify and change inefficient ads in real time.

Easy integration with popular platforms

Cross-compatibility, security and ease of use make the TeamViewer IoT the best-in-class solution on the market. Without using complex VPN. Click “connect to the device” and start working in a matter of minutes.