Terrasoft is a local developer of CRM systems, operating on the market since 2002. For now, the company’s products have already been recognized as leaders in their industry. Terrasoft’s offices are located in six countries, and a developed partner network covers more than 30 countries.

Terrasoft offers bpm’online – a comprehensive, full-featured platform that integrates applications for marketing (bpm’online marketing), sales (bpm’online sales) and services (bpm’online service).

Bpm’online sales

powerful sales management system (Sales Force Automation, SFA)

CRM system for managing sales of all types: from small orders to long-term corporate transactions. Use ready-made processes to manage the full sales cycle!

Main features of Bpm’online sales

– full information about the client

– history of communication and cooperation with contacts

– evaluation of the fullness of the client profile

– analyst of the whole database of contacts

– corporate social network

– a single notification center (telephony, mail, tasks and schedules)

– communications analyst

– single register of all sales

– complete history of each sale

– control of the current state of the deal

– analysis of competitors and sales (purchase funnel and sales dynamics, efficiency of managers)

– register of all orders

– schedule of deliveries and payments

– approval and visaing of conditions in the order

– full history of orders

– invoice management and payment control

– order and invoice analytics

– sales planning depending on the manager, region or direction

– comparison of indicators for different periods

– simple management of all contracts, specifications and additional documents

– availability of electronic versions and photocopies of contracts

– tracking contract details and revision of history

– the ability to create contracts manually or automatically on the basis of orders

– regardless of the complexity and size of goods portfolio / services, all information about them is stored in the system

– the ability to integrate the catalog with existing ERP system to maintain the relevance of data

– single document storage

– visaing of documents

– managing of related documents

Cost of Bpm’online sales


$15 user/month*

for SMB

with long, direct sales: building a sales funnel from lead to contracting


$20 user/month*

for e-commerce

the ideal product for e-commerce and companies with a short sales cycle


$40 user/month*

for big companies

with various sales channels: direct sales, distribution, e-commerce and shopping units

*Payment is made in UAH at the rate of NBU on the day of payment

Bpm’online marketing

CRM system for managing multichannel communications

Personalized marketing campaigns to increase the number of clients, promotion of the brand and analysis of the actions taken.

Use marketing tools for continuous dialogue with each client. Optimize the communication strategy.

Main features of Bpm’online marketing

– socio-demographic data on clients

– means of communication and preferred communication channels

– tracking of purchasing and non-purchasing activity: actions on the site, the history of orders and requests

– history of communications

– the status of the client and the dynamics of its change

– ability to create samples depending on the activity on the site, the history of purchases and orders, the communication channel, etc.

– automatic division of users into groups of users in accordance with the selected filters

– tracking of actions of visitors on website, including with dynamically generated URLs

– keeping the history of visiting the website both before and after the registration of the lead

– tracking channels and sources of lead generation

– tracking campaigns that led to the lead

– user-friendly interface for working with clients’ needs

– monitoring of sources that gives the greatest profit

– analysis of the dynamics of attraction and efficiency of the lead-generation channels

– visual designer of campaigns

– launching campaigns manually for a given audience or for an event for each participant

– trigger letters sent according to the event (activity on the site, customer activity, profile data, a combination of events of different types)

– automated conversations

– branching campaigns depending on the transition to a specific link in the letter

– generation of leads from campaigns

– visual content designer

– library of templates

– manual or delayed start of mailouts

– split-tests of mailouts

– registration of all events by mailouts: openings, hard / soft bounce, referral links

– analysis of the results of the mailouts

– referral map

– management of unsubscribed contacts

– configuring the data and place

– budget control

– monitoring of the response to the event

– accounting of marketing materials, layouts

– granting rights to employees to access information

– assigning different user roles

Bpm’online service

cloud application with ready-made processes for managing the full-service cycle

Manage the requests and automate the maintenance procedures, following the laid-in business processes.

Build personal communications with customers – unite in a single window of the system all requests, regardless of the channel of the request: phone, e-mail, chat, social networks or the client portal.

Main features of Bpm’online service

– all information about customers in one program
– client portal with individual accounts, knowledge base, etc.
– Single contact center operator window
– automation of any internal process: from document approval to cooperation on complex projects involving several teams
– classification of requests in different categories: incidents, requests for services, consulting services
– prevention of recurring mass incidents and actively informing customers of such errors
– monitoring and contol of release launching
– registration of all types of services required to serve customers in accordance with different levels of service
– synchronization and integration with popular applications and programs (Excel, Google, MS Exchange)
– customization of the personal interface

Cost of Bpm’online service

Сustomer center

$25 user/month*

work with clients' requests

through all communication channels, as well as automation of contact center tasks

Service enterprise

$45 user/month*

for medium and big companies

management of customers’ requests, as well as automation of tasks of units that provide operational support to businesses

*Payment is made in UAH at the rate of NBU on the day of payment

manage business processes of the company