Theobald Software GmbH

Theobald Software GmbH – German provider of solutions for integrating third-party systems with SAP and uploading data from it.

Among 2500 customers are already listed Bayer, Bentley, Bosch, Coca Cola, HP, Hyundai, Knauf, Samsung, Shell, Siemens. On the market since 2004. During this time, three regional offices were opened – in Stuttgart, Seattle and Hong Kong.

Xtract Universal - Automatic Data Warehousing

Universal connector for SAP, which:

  • allows to connect SAP to more than 20 environments
  • allows to save data flows from SAP to any target environment and thereby significantly reduce the processing time
  • practically does not depend on technology of data storage on the client side and therefore it is easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

Traditionally, Theobald was focused on working with Microsoft, but in recent years, the company has expanded its portfolio and included systems other than Microsoft, including BI solution Tableau.

Supported environments for uploading data from SAP

  • Alteryx
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure SQL
  • EXASolution
  • GoodData
  • HP Vertica
  • IBM DB2
  • MicroStrategy
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Power BI
  • Qlik
  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Tableau
  • Teradata
  • Protocols OData, CSV and HTTP

From functional departments to subsidiaries – Xtract Universal facilitates the implementation of BI strategy at enterprises of any scale. At the same time, it meets all the requirements of IT professionals:

– central monitoring of all data extraction processes and the system register of logs
– large set of extraction formats
– support for all SAP and SAP BW modules
– manage security and users by using an Active Directory (AD) connection to handle high-sensitivity data (optional)
– integrated security and traceability of data types: from source to destination

The required target object is automatically created from the original SAP object with all metadata saved. So, the client number in SAP, consisting of 10 digits, will have the same 10 digits in the target system. All accurate data (up to 3 decimal places) will also be transferred in the original form.

Xtract Universal supports two types of downloads: full and delta downloads. When fully loaded, the entire SAP object is duplicated. When delta-loading loads only those data that have been changed or added after the previous download.

The process of updating the data can be either automatic or pass through the specified parameters.

User independently determines the degree of automation of the downloading process.

  1. In the simplest case, the original SAP object is recreated in the appropriate target environment, where it is compiled with all the metadata. Data types are transmitted with minimal changes.
  2. If necessary, you can manage each part of the download: change the type or format of the data, their history, check the quality and customize other user procedures to update the incremental data.

All these processes are displayed using the appropriate SQL dialects for target systems and a powerful internal scripting language. Depending on the architecture, other parameters of the target system can be used, for example, macros or more complex procedures.

Benefits of Xtract Universal

SAP Certified Technology

Integration of SAP data into different target systems

Very quick installation and setup

Knowledge of programming is not required

Instant saving of downloaded data

Minimal invasion in SAP

Independence from SAP modules

Configuring business logic

Standardized delta load process

Concept of central security

Monitoring processes to fully control access to SAP

Cost savings through optimal integration