• CoreWin

    Company name consists of two parts: Core and Win. So, first Core then Win.

    P.S. Frankly speaking, we thought about «The Chronicles of Amber» at first but every company should have a serious concept.

  • Logo

    If you look precisely you will notice the title letters C and W, not only the Pac-Man.

  • Software / Hardware

    For now, we deal only with software. Hardware delivery is discussed in terms of big projects.

  • Line-of-business

    Business process optimization, information security, data analysis, consulting.

  • Software solutions

    We do not want to be just a box mover.

    Our purpose is to provide comprehensive services including searching of software, its analysis, customization, help for partners with implementation of software and further technical support.

  • Technical support / Logistic

    CoreWin’s team speaks English fluently, that’s why we work directly with software vendors to provide a quick response to all inquiries.

    CoreWin also provides the first level of technical support for all products. Being a distributor, we carry out pre-sales and technical consultations, as well as provide implementation services.

    To resolve any technical issue, please send us an email to fix@corewin.com.ua or call us at +380 96 985 29 52.

  • Prices

    The calculation is made based on your needs.

  • Contacts

    E-mail: your@corewin.com.ua
    Mob: +380 63 273 52 55, +380 96 985 29 52
    Address: 11B Yevhen Sverstyuk Street, office 417, Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine